Inventory Submission/Barcodes

Inventory Submission/Barcode Printing

Congratulations on being accepted to the Art in the Arboretum Art Show & Sale! Now that you’re approved, you may begin entering the inventory details for the artwork you wish to sell.

Deadline to submit inventory: Sunday, October 27, 2019 – midnight

Required for 2D artists; optional for 3D Artists. Login with your Consigner ID on the MSM login below to get started:

Inventory Process:

  1. Click Activities Menu dropdown
  2. Select Work with Consigned Inventory
  3. Click Active Inventory and select the device you’re uploading from (mobile or desktop)
  4. Enter all required fields (note: description Line 1: Title of your piece)
  5. Once complete, return to inventory menu
  6. Select Print Tags and print as needed

NOTE:  2D Artists can have 2 originals hanging in the gallery and up to 10 pieces in your bin. Binwork can be original or prints.  If prints, please label accordingly


Barcodes are printed and used for checkout when your artwork is sold. Printing these is required for 2D artists only (3D optional).

Original Artwork to be hung in the gallery requires 3 barcodes per piece. Bring barcodes to present with your artwork at check-in.

All 2D bin work pieces should have 1 barcode affixed to the front upper right corner of your piece.

Volunteer Shifts

This year registering for volunteer shifts will be done via sign up genius @

We truly appreciate your time and efforts. Please know we could not carry out this show without the generous offer of your help.