Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau Reaches Out

The Speakers Bureau has made presentations to hundreds of people since its beginnings, providing Unknown-2information to help area residents grow healthy, sustainable gardens and landscapes.

If you are part of a group–garden club, homeowners association, church group–that needs to provide interesting programs for members, consider booking a program by the Speakers Bureau.

We have prepared about a dozen topics, all slide presentations, with a moderator (Master Gardener) Master gardener NHC logo3available on your site or at the Arboretum (depending on availability). If you meet at the Arboretum, we can also do a tour of the gardens. At your site, a table and electricity are all the absolute requirements, although a screen or blank wall is helpful for projection (we can bring a screen only if absolutely necessary). Virtually any size group is welcomed.

General information

The New Hanover County (NHC) Cooperative Extension has developed a new and exciting program for our community. Master Gardeners are available to give educational lectures to local audiences on a variety of plant-related topics; the information can help average homeowners manage their landscapes. The lectures topics include turf management, tree and shrub selection, using native and drought-resistant plants, environmentally friendly pest management, and best practices for vegetable and fruit gardens.

The lectures are presented by a Master Gardener using PowerPoint slides, with many colorful pictures. Each program provides an entertaining topic overview with enough technical detail to be helpful yet not overwhelming. The programs run from 45 to 60 minutes in length but can be structured to fit an organization’s schedule. A question-and-answer period will be conducted at the end of the presentation.

We will provide a computer and projector for the presentation. You will need to provide a projector screen if possible, a small table for the projection equipment and an electrical outlet. The equipment set-up will require 10 minutes and can be completed prior to your meeting. For your planning purposes, the total time for the presentations will be between 45 and 60 minutes, including the Q&A. The presentations can be scheduled during the day or in the evening.

We think you will find the presentations entertaining and educational. For more information or to schedule a speaker,call Jon Wooten at 910-395-2332.

Program Descriptions

  • Trees for the 21st Century

    This presentation discusses the attributes and advantages of trees that will do well in the Cape Fear region. It features pictures and information on small and medium size trees that will compliment the average home owner’s yard. It also reviews some of the challenges that face gardeners in this region and how to overcome them. The presentation is colorful with lots of pictures.

  • Pest Management

    The information in this program will enable you to initiate your own Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. IPM is simply managing plant problems through a series of logical steps designed to solve the problem while having the least offensive effect on the environment.

  • Living with the Natives! Gardening with Native Plants in the Cape Fear Region

    A myriad of different plants grow well in this area of the country, so why prefer natives over imports? This presentation describes the benefits of using native plant varieties and the basics of creating a native habitat in your own yard that many species of birds and butterflies will be drawn to. Also included is an illustrated gallery of native species of trees, shrubs, vines and perennials for the gardener’s consideration when “going native.”

  • Southern Turf: Grasses that Run

    Every homeowner has one plant species in common: turf grass. Learn some of the dos and don’ts for creating and maintaining an attractive lawn. This presentation will discuss the four varieties of turf grass most commonly used for lawns in Southeastern North Carolina and the fundamentals of their care and feeding. Included are mowing, watering, fertilizing and how to combat typical turf enemies such as weeds, insects, and diseases.

  • Earth-Friendly Landscape Practices

    What can you do to have a positive impact on our environment at home? Learn how small changes in our own backyard can have global repercussions on the environment. We look at soil, fertilizers, water, mulch and using native plants to manage our local environment.

  • Landscape to Improve Resource Efficiency

    Some practical ideas to improve our resource efficiency in our own backyards. What do we mean by resources, and how can we conserve energy in our lawns, flower gardens, trees and shrubs. Use your plantings to conserve energy in your home by controlling shade, wind and by Xeriscaping.

  • Gardening in New Hanover County

    This presentation is for all of us who are transplants to the Cape Fear area. Garden tips and tricks for managing plants in this challenging Cape Fear environment. The program discusses the importance of soil sampling and garden bed preparation, proper plant selections, and correct cultural practices to maintain a successful garden.

  • A Cut Above

    Do you have an irrational fear of pruning? Do you ponder when to prune your azaleas or crape myrtles? Well this light hearted program will take the mystery and trepidation out of pruning your woody ornamentals.

  • Krazy Containers

    No Yard, No Problem! This presentation discusses how to successfully garden in containers of any size or sort. Container requirements, watering and fertilization strategies are covered in this presentation.

  • Coastal Landscape Plants

    This program provides a colorful and extensive slide presentation of woody shrubs, perennials and grasses that grow successfully in our Cape Fear environment. It will help homeowners choose plants that will fit their particular environment, whether they have salt spray, poor sandy soil, poor drainage or are susceptible to drought conditions.